Robert Upchurch


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Robbie Upchurch is the President of Upchurch Plumbing, Inc. Robbie earned this position by starting alongside his father during summers and holidays while in school in mid-1970s. Robbie would later commit full-time to assisting his father. Over the next 4 decades, Robbie Upchurch would navigate Upchurch Plumbing, Inc. to serve MS as one of its largest Mechanical Contractors. Currently, Robbie Upchurch continues to manage his employees. While Robbie finds little time out of his office, he finds time to serves his community as a board member of local bank. In addition, Robbie is 2-Term Past-President of the local Country Club, and is active in his local church community.


Mike Upchurch

Vice President

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Mike Upchurch is the Vice-President for Upchurch Plumbing. Mike’s experience in mechanical construction started in the mid-1970s alongside his father. Mike Upchurch would utilize his field knowledge to develop the Estimating Arm of Upchurch. While Mike continues estimating, Mike utilizes his skills to strategic plan for new project opportunities amongst other business responsibilities. While out of the office, Mike is Past-President of MS ABC, and still remains involved with ABC. Mike is involved with MSU’s School of Building Construction Science as well as actively participating with MCEF program. In an effort to mentor, Mike also participate on several other boards, as well as actively engaging in his local church community.


David Upchurch


(662) 453-6860 Ext.17

David Upchurch holds the professional position of Treasurer for Upchurch Plumbing. In 1986, David started his construction career at an early age working alongside his father and brothers. Over the next 30 years, David would gain a wealth of experience in Mechanical Construction, which would eventually lead him into Chief of Operations for the Upchurch’s Service Divisions. Currently, David Upchurch spends his day-to-day activities managing Service locations in Jackson, MS, Horn Lake, MS (Headquarters), and Jackson, TN.


Cindy Hawkins

Office Manager

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Cindy Hawkins holds the professional position of Secretary for Upchurch Plumbing, Inc. Cindy has been with Upchurch for nearly 30 years. While her brothers manage different aspects of a construction company, Cindy also manages her responsibilities. Cindy serves as Office Manager at their Headquarters located in Greenwood, MS. In addition to Upchurch Plumbing, Cindy serves as Comptroller for their rental company Upchurch Rental. While outside the office, Cindy spends time with her local church and grandchildren.


Scott Upchurch


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Scott Upchurch is the Chief Estimator/Pre-Construction for Upchurch Plumbing. Scott starting working (alongside his father) in the field during summers and holidays. Scott continued to work in the field as he obtained his accounting degree from Mississippi State University. In 1994, Scott began estimating for Upchurch and has continued to refine his estimating process over the past 30 years, now using on screen takeoff. When outside the office, Scott spends a lot of time volunteering with his church, TrailLife, and coaching various recreation league sports.


Kristie Lloyd

Marketing Specialist

Kristie Lloyd has been with Upchurch permanently since 2001. Kristie responsibilities include an array of items. Kristie’s daily activities include support for the Office Administration. In addition, Kristie maintains Equipment GPS, Payroll, Electronics, and Office Equipment. After completing drafting school, and employed as Draftsman with a Jackson Engineering Firm, Kristie began her career with Upchurch.


Brad Hawkins

Project Manager

Brad Hawkins started working for Upchurch Plumbing in 2001 while enrolled as an undergraduate. Once obtaining his bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, he started his construction career with an Applied HVAC Sales Representative Firm where he learned the intricates of airflow, thermodynamics of HVAC. In 2014, Brad rejoined the Upchurch Team as a Project Manager. Brad Hawkins’s project has spanned the state of Arkansas and several large projects around the State of MS. While not in his office, Brad is active in Mississippi ABC, the local Chamber of Commerce, and his local church.


Benjamin Nicholson

Project Manager

Benjamin Nicholson began his Upchurch career in 2018. He came on board after obtaining his mechanical engineering degree from Mississippi State University. Working in the Jackson Metro Area, Benjamin has spent majority of his career within the perimeter of The Continental Tire facility. While onsite, Benjamin developed a wealth of knowledge in the process piping realm, and continues to be an asset as an Upchurch Project Manager.


Cindy Mitchell

Administrative Assistant

(662) 453-6860 Ext.27

Cindy Mitchell started in mid-1970s as an office administrator. Her responsibilities included all aspects of accounting, job cost, and estimating. With years of experience, Cindy Mitchell continues to mentor the office personnel. Regretfully, Cindy Mitchell retired in 2017 from a full-time position, but continues part-time mentoring. While outside the office, Cindy enjoys her church community.


Terry Green

Project Manager

(662) 418-6911

Terry Green started his career as a Project Manager with Upchurch Plumbing in the mid-1990s. Terry found himself working during summers and holiday as he completed his Business and Finance Degree with Mississippi State University. Terry Green has managed numerous large Mechanical Projects-i.e. Federal Bureau of Prison, Continental Tire, Tenaris, CCA Prison, Baptist Hospital. With his past experience, Terry continues to provide a wealth of insight to the younger generation of project managers.


Craig Howard

Project Manager

Craig Howard started his Project Manager Career in 2013. Craig has approximately 20 years of field experience in the HVAC field. Craig’s father (Tommy Howard) operated the Sheetmetal Fabrication shop for Upchurch, and instilled his values and hard work into Craig Howard. Craig continues his diligence as a Project Manager. With 20 years of field experience, Craig Howard understands the importance of diligence from the Project Managers, and provides good feedback on streamlining communication and procedures.


Robert Vargas


Robert Vargas started with Upchurch Plumbing in 2015 as a controller for the construction firm. In addition to these responsibilities, he assists with other Upchurch Companies as well. With a business administration degree from Delta State University and a master’s degree from Mississippi State University, Robert understands the complexities related to financial management, and maintains exceptional organization with all of the companies and projects. While Robert’s previous experience is not in construction, his 18 years in the shipping and manufacturing industries, have been beneficial in an effort to streamline certain accounting activities. Robert also assists the Project Managers in the financial reporting obligations for each project.