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Upchurch Plumbing originated in 1970 as a Plumbing and HVAC Service Company with Mr. Vennis Upchurch, and one Laborer self-performing residential and light commercial plumbing and HVAC work.  By the end of 1970, Mr. Vennis Upchurch would have a total of 4 employees working full time.

In 1970, Robbie (11) and Mike Upchurch (10) would work part-time assisting their father during summer and weekends. Robbie and Mike Upchurch would become full-time employees for their father in 1976 & 1977 (respectively) after their Greenwood High School graduation. Younger Siblings, David Upchurch and Cindy Hawkins would later become full-time in 1983 & 1985

In 1972, Upchurch Plumbing would start expanding their territory to Greenville with a Two-Story, 20-Room Addition for The Holiday Inn, and Addition/Renovation to the Bank of Greenwood’s Main Branch on Howard Street. These projects would originate their Commercial Work, which would span throughout the MS Delta in Cleveland, Clarksdale, Indianola, Grenada and Itta Bena.

In 1974, Upchurch would find additional work with Universal Steel Builders located in Grenada, MS, and would find itself traveling outside the MS Delta. These PEMB were located from Memphis, TN to Jackson, MS. Upchurch would self-perform a number of PEMB’s plumbing and HVAC for a large quantity of Manufacturing Facilities.

In 1977, the economy slowed, and President Jimmy Carter started the low-income housing program. Upchurch would find work with Allen Corporation (Indianola, MS). Through 1980, Upchurch would build projects all over the State of MS and beyond. Locations include Prentiss, Jackson, Greenwood, Indianola, Greenville, Clarksdale, Itta Bena, Southaven, Carthage, Vicksburg, Lake View, AR, Elaine, AR, and Henderson, TN. These projects would range from a small 24 units through 150 units depending on location.

The 1980’s would bring the Catfish Industry Era. Upchurch would find itself in an ideal location to start their Industrial Work in these Processing Plants. Upchurch would build the original facilities, and then later complete more additions at future dates. This Industrial work would provide consistent Industrial work for the next 8-10 Years.

In 1985, Boeing Aircraft would come to Greenville, MS. Boeing would start their renovations of old hangers and onward to build New Facilities. Upchurch would work with White Construction (at this point they were out of Clarksdale, MS) on this project. This would be Upchurch’s First Experience with “accelerated” construction work.

By the mid-1980s, Upchurch would expand their territory. It would span from Memphis, TN down I-55 to Jackson and include the MS Delta down to Vicksburg, MS.

In the late 1980’s through the early 1990’s, Regional Jails and Work Centers began to originate. Upchurch would assist with the Plumbing and HVAC on many of these. Upchurch would travel to 11 Sites, which include Greenwood, Greenville, Lambert, Sharkey-Issaquena, Jefferson County, Vaiden, McComb, Bolivar Regional, Panola County, Desoto County and Winston County.

In 1993, the State of MS approved the Casino Industry. Upchurch would get involve with their first casino. Upchurch would self-perform the plumbing on the Harrah’s casino in Downtown Vicksburg, MS. This was a 9-Story Hotel with 3-restaurants, meeting rooms and the connection to the floating casino. This project was completed in 8 months, and required work 6-7 days a week with ~20-25 employees on this specific project.

From 1993 through 1997, the Casino Industry was thriving in MS. Upchurch would find work on casinos in Vicksburg, Greenville, Lula, Tunica, and Robinsonville, MS. Around 1993, Upchurch would consist of 35 total employees. By early 1998, the casino industry drove Upchurch’s Employees to approximately 140 employees. With the casino industry, most employees would be working 50-60 hours a week.

In 1995, Upchurch Plumbing Inc. would celebrate 25 years in business. Mr. Vennis Upchurch would start a tradition that continues forward in his honor of hard-work, and dedication. Vennis would recognize individual employees that have worked for his company 25 straight years. This tradition includes a 25-Year Ring and a Monetary Gift. In 1995, Mr. Vennis Upchurch honored 3 employees. In 2012, Upchurch has awarded 22 employees with this recognition.

The late 1990’s would bring a fast-growing Viking Range Corp to be headquartered in Greenwood, MS. With Viking’s growth, Upchurch assisted with their projects and renovations. These projects would consist of both commercial, and manufacturing. Upchurch is fortunate to be in Greenwood to continual assist Viking with their needs still today.

In 2001, the Yazoo Federal Prison was expanding with Phase II, which consist of about 16 buildings. Ivey Mechanical (Kosciusko, MS) was self-performing the project-both Plumbing and HVAC. However, Ivey also had obtained the High-Profile Nissan (Canton, MS). Ivey reached out to Upchurch for assistance of a part of the Yazoo Federal Prison. We would sub-contract this work from Ivey Mechanical in assistance. This would serve as our 1st Project with the Federal Bureau of Prison (FBOP).

In 2004, the Yazoo Federal Prison would be close to substantial completion, the FBOP would be looking to build an identical facility in Pollock, LA. Kevin Moyers with Flintco Construction (Memphis, TN) was completing same project in Forest City, AR. In preparation for Pollock, Kevin had driven to Yazoo City. After noticing our Job Trailer, he called inquiring interest about Pollock. In 2004, Upchurch would receive a mechanical contract for $16mil for Pollock FBOP. This project would have 20 buildings to be built in a 30-month duration.

In August 2005, Hurricane Katrina would make landfall, and devastate MS Gulf Coast. Upchurch would serve the Gulf Coast for several years to assist.

In 2007, Upchurch would be completing FBOP Pollock, LA. Upchurch would capture a project in Natchez, MS with a Private Prison. This Project would consist of 15 Buildings and approximately $16M plumbing and HVAC contract.

During 2007 through 2008, Upchurch would land additional casino work in Oklahoma. Upchurch would complete Two Mechanical Projects for Indian Reservations is West Siloam, OK and Grant, OK with Flintco Construction.

In 2008, Upchurch would start their 2nd Federal Prison in Aliceville, AL. This Federal Facility would be a new facility. Upchurch’s Contract would consist of Plumbing & Mechanical worth $28.7mil and would have a total 24 buildings over a 36-month Duration.

In 2008, Upchurch expanded their sheet-metal fabrication into a dedicated facility in Greenwood’s Industrial Park. Upchurch would invest in an Automated Sheetmetal Manufacturing Facility to assist in their fast-paced projects.  

In 2009, Upchurch would obtain their 3rd Federal Prison located in Yazoo City, MS. This Plumbing and Mechanical Contract would be $18.2mil for 26 buildings over a 42-month Duration.

In addition, 2009 Upchurch would receive another Federal Contract for $16.6mil for the McCoy Federal (Downtown Jackson, MS). This would be a renovation of the 15-story Federal Building with Occupied-Tenants relocating inside the building as the total mechanical renovation was taking place.

In 2011, Upchurch would receive a $2.5mil contract for the Schulz Extruded Pipe facility in Tunica, MS. This is a 1,660’ long and 250’ wide stainless-steel pipe manufacturing facility that was on a fast track which took 240 days.

Late 2011, Upchurch would receive a contract for $10.2mil for the Greenwood Leflore Hospital Plant Renovations. This renovation would consist of changing out the 3 chillers, 4 boilers, pumps, generators, and 17 air handlers inside the hospital while the hospital is in full operation. Upchurch would complete the project late 2012.

In 2012, Upchurch Plumbing Inc. had growth its work with 257 field employees with 82 or (32%) being from the Greenwood and surrounding area. The remaining employees are from other parts of MS or the surrounding states.

In 2013, Upchurch Plumbing would expand its New Construction Division. Upchurch would open an office in Jackson, TN dba Upchurch Mechanical. This office would be led by Vincent Matlock (www.upchurchmechanical.com). Through Vincent’s Leadership and Management Team, Upchurch Plumbing and Mechanical have expanded into the Southeastern Region with work in AR, AL, GA, Carolinas, KY, IN, LA, MO, MS, OK, TN, TX among others.

In 2013, Upchurch would self-perform 120,000 sq. feet in Student Housing on the Campus of The University of MS.

In 2014, Upchurch would expand it Sheetmetal Fabrication Facility to include Spiral Ductwork to better serve their Field Crews with faster delivery of round/spiral ductwork.

In 2014, Upchurch would work on the campus of The University of MS for several years performing a number of projects. Upchurch would start a large Sports Complex- The Pavilion at University of MS. This mechanical project with contract ~$ 8mil.

In 2014, Upchurch would expand its work in Industrial Facilities located in West Tennessee.

In 2015, Upchurch would start a large Dormitory (160,000 sq. feet) on the campus of University of MS. This mechanical and plumbing project would contract ~ $ 7mil. In addition, Upchurch would land The Gillom Center - $ 1mil.

In 2016, Upchurch would work in several Industrial Projects in Arkansas (Osceola, and Texarkana) along with an Industrial Project in Missouri. Upchurch would also complete a Variable Refrigerant Volume system downtown Memphis, TN.

In 2017, Upchurch would start The University of MS’s Student Union. This plumbing and mechanical project would contract ~ $ 8mil. In addition to The Student Union, Upchurch would self-perform the Plumbing and Variable Refrigerant Flow (HVAC) at the Delta Gamma Sorority House. Upchurch would also land Phase I and Phase II renovation of the New Baseball Improvements at Swayze Field.

In 2018, Upchurch would obtain a contract for the New Continental Tire Facility in Bolton, MS. Upchurch would self-perform the Plumbing and Process Piping scope of work for this large project. In addition, Upchurch would also self-perform a MS Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Project in Flowood, MS, and a renovation downtown Jackson, MS at McCoy Federal Building.


In addition to the large-scale projects mentioned above, Upchurch continues to work with their original clients which include, but not limited to the following: Greenwood Leflore Hospital, Viking Range, Delta Regional Medical Center in Greenville, Delta State University, Baxter Pharmaceutical in Cleveland, Ole MS, MS State University, MUW, MDCC, USDA Stoneville Experiment Complex.


Over the last 10 years Upchurch Plumbing has averaged starting 64.5 jobs a year.